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All natural plant dye fabric and other pink things!

Well Spring has arrived (mostly) and we’ve just had a relaxing and fun week here.  Brussels is full of the most beautiful pink blossom trees and the weather was unbelievably warm for a few days.  I managed to make a good start on my container garden which I have no experience in but am very excited about nonetheless!  As my own mission to live a more environmentally friendly and chemical-free life continues I constantly find new ideas for how I can do things better.  So the idea of growing a few salad goodies and some herbs has big appeal… below is my tip for instant garden gratification 😉

Another part of this mission is that the way I produce Grey Whale bags is constantly under review and I’m always open to trying new things in the hope of making them as eco-friendly and ethical as possible.  So this week I went for a second round of non-toxic plant dye fun! …. I mean important research.  You can read about my first time trying out plant dye here.

I have found that the practicality of using plant dyes for my bags will probably not work for me as a full time activity but I really did enjoy this and will be doing more soon!  I used mainly avocado skins and stones this time and also tried out some red onion skins which were beautifully pink at first but turned brown after washing in alkaline water.  Some of the colours I’ve dyed with though very beautiful are just not very stable.  They can change depending on the acidity of the water they touch,  like the pink hibiscus dye below which turns a nice grey.  I know not everyone would find this to be a problem but some might.  Though I think it will be worth making a few small items using these natural dyes even if I can’t incorporate them into my process fully.  Avocado however has proved to be the champion.  It’s skin and stones have produced a warm, long lasting deep pink/peach colour that doesn’t seem to be sensitive to water changes.  So keep an eye out on my shop as there might be a few special pieces like this organic cotton infinity scarf pictured available soon!

In other fun and probably less pink news, next week from the 24th-30th April I will be selling my work for the wonderful Makers 4 Refugees project over on my Instagram.  Look out for more info coming soon and sign up for my newsletter in the top bar of my site if you’d like to get more info!

PS.  Must credit Rebecca Desnos for inspiration with her all natural, non-toxic dye approach.  There are lots of wonderful tutorials and books out there including Rebecca’s if you are interested in having a go yourself.