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Catch up, Makers 4 Refugees and exciting things to come

Well my good intentions of posting to my blog every week or two at the latest clearly haven’t been working out.  I see so many people saying they feel bad about not managing to do it all and I’m the same if I’m honest.  I think about how I’m not blogging probably once a day which is ridiculous as I should probably just sit for 10 minutes and share a few thoughts and pictures (I have oh so many).  Today is about a quick little catch up with my online pals so let me pour you a virtual cuppa 😉 

Eucalyptus dyed fabric bags for Makers 4 Refugees

The first half of this year has been swallowed with research, development and planning. Plus a million far too boring to talk about here things.  But I really feel like the next half of this year will be about creating new and exciting things and pushing forward into the world of sustainability- which has been my intention form day 1 but turned out to be more complex than expected from a makers perspective.  But what an eyeopening journey it’s been!  So I’m excited to share more with you here and as always (mostly) on Instagram.   First up I really want to share with those that haven’t heard about this amazing heartwarming project called Makers 4 Refugees founded by UK based potter Pip Wilcox – she has rounded up an amazing line up of makers to sell their work for one week each this year with all proceeds going to Help Refugees UK.  I was delighted to be asked to be one of these makers and amazingly managed to raise over 600Euro in just four days of sales!  Testament not to me I think but to the generosity and kindness of the good people who purchased my work to support this wonderful project which is so needed right now.  So I’d like to say a HUGE thank you once again to those kind supporters of my week in April and the project as a whole.  Please click the links here to read all about Makers 4 Refugees on Pips website because it’s amazing… and find out how much has been raised so far just half way through the year!

The handbag I auctioned also

In other news I have been doing quite a bit of avocado dyed fabric because I adore the rusty pink/peach tones from the skins and stones of this magical fruit.  You can read more about this in my last post here.  I’ve made some scarves and pouches which are in my shop now and if you fancy a summer time treat I’ll be having a flashsale in a few days time with 25% off pretty much everything! – to stay informed about that sign up for my newsletter as I’ll be sending out a special code to my list.

And my final bit of news is something I’m very excited about and has taken absolutely ages to get but I’m pleased to announce Pinatex is here!!  It literally arrived as I write this and I cannot wait to get stuck in to making some stylish yet earth friendly handbags.  This amazing vegan and natural leather-like material is made from Pineapple leaf waste left over after the fruit harvest so it’s very sustainable and requires no extra land or fertilizers which is fantastic!  But Pinatex deserves a post all of it’s own so that is what I will do when I have more photos and have tried it out a bit.  Until then I leave you with this little tiny preview.  Oh and don’t forget to keep an eye out for my first flashsale ;0)