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How to organise your handbag or purse – Marie Kondo style

Our handbags and purses often contain a jumble or receipts, tissues, loose change and a variety of other useful and not so useful items.  If this sounds like yours too you are really not alone.  You clear out the bits and pieces and before you know it you are back to square one.  But I have found a brilliant solution to keeping my handbag organised inspired by the queen of all things organised and tidy – Marie Kondo.  This way makes it so easy to switch between bags toom one day you might need that big tote to carry everything but the kitchen sink and the next maybe you only need a light crossbody with basic essentials.  The solution?  Zipper pouches.  Yes it’s that simple and I’m going to show you how to keep your bag organized and tidy forever!  Ok maybe not forever but this honestly works!  Here’s how in 3 easy steps.

So first empty out all your handbag/purse contents and clear away all the little bits of rubbish.  Then put away any items you aren’t currently using such as sunglasses if there’s been no sun for 3 weeks or an umbrella if there’s fine weather.  Maybe you don’t really need to lug around that book or ipad, every little bit of extra weight can add up to aching shoulders or even back problems.

Next put all your items and useful bits into similar groups.

Get yourself as many pouches as you need for each group eg.

  • one for pens and a notebook.
  • one for a few cosmetics
  • one for feminine products shall we say (has anyone else had one fall out of their bag in public? Not fun!)
  • one for important receipts and so on.

eco friendly zipper pouches by Grey Whale

Now stack them side by side in your bag your good to go!  This will make it so easy to find things in your bag especially if your pouches are different colours and sizes you’ll recognize them instantly.  Just remember to keep the same items in the same pouch all the time.  So no more rummaging for lip balm or headphones tangled around everything.  It will also make switching bags simple as you know what’s in each pouch and can grab only what is necessary.

Are you going to do it?  (I’ll assume you are 😉  Yay!  Good for you- now here are two handy handbag tips to finish off your refreshed purse as a little reward:

#1 Use ‘Buy Me a Pie’ shopping list app.  I use this one and it’s so handy, also it’s free and you can share the list live with your shopping buddy- no more forgotten lists on the fridge finally.  Phew.

#2 Always carry a tightly folded fabric tote bag so you never have to purchase a plastic shopping bag for impromptu purchases.  Put it straight back in after unpacking though!

If you need some eco-friendly and sustainably made handy zipper pouches shop the collection here!

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