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A life creatively lived

This is kind of following on from my last blog post where I talked about finding a new path for GW, (here) I want to talk a little bit about what I am doing to keep the creative fires burning not just because it’s fun but because for me it is a MUST for maintaining my sanity and sense of self.  Though I’ve learned that it doesn’t always have to be physically making something, sometimes it could be as simple as reorganizing a shelf to display interesting objects.  It isn’t some big thing that requires lots of effort, it’s actually about small things that build over time, almost without realising it that add up to a life creatively lived. So here are a few of the things that have kept me going creatively over the past few months and they are honestly all very easy things that anyone could do.

Thinking outside the box, or bag!

My biggest achievement may have been this Pinatex leaf purse which I made a few days ago.  It’s funny that after writing in my last post that I didn’t feel anything fashion was the way I really wanted to go that a rush of ideas came to me.  Maybe it was a release to say it out loud and that got me unstuck.  Maybe my direction only needed tweaking.  We’ll see where this goes 😉

Crafty with nature.

This is my living room leaf wall installation from a couple of months back.  I don’t know if you can see but they are literally just taped to the wall.  This was really fun to do during some very dark rainy days, also a great way to use my unnecessarily large dry leaf collection!

Dyeing fabric with plants.

Such an easy thing to do and I’ve written about it a few times here on my blog like here, you can’t beat it for a satisfying make.  Top is pomegranite skin and a bit of tumeric yellow boost and below is avocado stone pink, all on cotton.  These are seemingly eternally destined for cushion covers.  Though you do need to let newly dyed fabric just sit for a while to absorb maximum colour power so….

The daily sketch.

Or just sketch whenever you can, 1 minute or 10 minutes.  I wrote a post here on the amazing things that can happen when you sketch daily and it’s not about improving your drawing skills though it can be a happy side affect.

Family creative time.

Air dry clay is my new favourite material until I get to throw some real pots some day, it’s been a dream for the longest time.  Though I really loved making these little pressed leaf dishes with the kids and can’t wait to make some more.  Family and friends, next time you get a present from us can you guess what it’s going to be?

Use what you have.

That shelf I told you about earlier, inspired by interior designer Salsabil El-Awaisi’s apartment tour where I spotted a lovely simple idea for a small pantry.  Or in my case a tiny miniature pantry.  Previously I thought of shelves as places to stash as much stuff as possible but not any more, a select few pleasing things on display is far more beneficial I’m sure.

So when I can’t get to setting up a table for a print session I can maybe put on a dye pot of avocado skins and leave it to do it’s thing. Or I can cut some fabric and leave it beside my sewing machine (sometimes for weeks) until I can give it my undivided attention.  At the very least I can grab my sketchbook and do a small sketch of one of my many fleeting ideas or press a found leaf.