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New stores stocking Grey Whale bags!

So happy to announce that my bags can new be found in two new locations!  One is Velvety – a beautiful Melbourne based vegan, sustainable and ethical shop.  (Check my bags out on the front page 😉  The other is Wonderloop, a brand new name in sustainable fashion based in Brussels, Belgium -where I am of course based too.  Helena the founder has so carefully chosen each brand and item in her hopefully-permanent-soon pop-up shop and I’m honored to be placed alongside  such great names as Armed Angles, People Tree and Veja to name but a few.  Woohoo!

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New PINATEX handbag collection!

pinatex vegan bag by grey whale

So happy to announce the release of my Pinatex handbags!  There are actually four separate designs here, one is an extra special 2 in 1 tote plus insert that turns into a light crossbody bag.  No more messy switching bags and forgetting your wallet!  These have been (as always) hand crafted with careful attention to every detail and made with earth kind pineapple leather alternative Pinatex. Continue reading New PINATEX handbag collection!

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The life changing magic of keeping a sketchbook.


Why keep a visual diary or sketchbook?  Whether or not you call yourself an artist, a maker or creative at all there are huge benefits to keeping one.  For anyone who already has a written journal or diary you know how nice it is to look back at where you were in mind and body at a certain time in the past.  A visual journal is just the same but without text.  There are no limits and bad drawings, messy pages and writing are entirely allowed.  Continue reading The life changing magic of keeping a sketchbook.

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Self-doubt and playing small: who are you serving?


I tend to build my blog posts around what seems to be going on around me and things I’ve been hearing other people talk about.  Self doubt is something that seems to rear it’s ugly head as the long dark winter days set in and I too often need to be reminded why I try to do anything at all.  We probably all know this quote or poem or have heard parts as it’s often attributed Nelson Mandela but actually it was written by American author Marianne Williamson and here it is in case anyone needs reminding.   Continue reading Self-doubt and playing small: who are you serving?

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Going pro and other stories


So recently I haven’t been online as much as usual but sometimes other stuff must take priority despite my insta-addiction.  I have been busy pushing forward with my handmade business.  Shops have been contacting me, I’ve had some very inspiring custom orders and about 6 weeks ago I got a second hand (very vintage) industrial sewing machine. It took ages to find once I had decided it was the way to go but it was a very exciting ‘going-pro’ turning point! Continue reading Going pro and other stories

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The truth about being a maker.

tools of the trade

I’m really excited to be starting a blog again but to be honest I’m nervous too so I’ve put it off for ages.  What got me moving was an Instagram post last week, an unassuming and quiet photo of a dry magnolia pod.  Underneath the talented artist, maker and creative soul who posted it bravely admitted that she had felt inadequate and not as skilled as others.  Following this was a flood of comments and further admissions that others had felt the same and even felt crushed under the weight of these ‘perfect life’ impressions that can come across on social media. Continue reading The truth about being a maker.