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All natural plant dye fabric and other pink things!

Well Spring has arrived (mostly) and we’ve just had a relaxing and fun week here.  Brussels is full of the most beautiful pink blossom trees and the weather was unbelievably warm for a few days.  I managed to make a good start on my container garden which I have no experience in but am very excited about nonetheless!  As my own mission to live a more environmentally friendly and chemical-free life continues I constantly find new ideas for how I can do things better.  So the idea of growing a few salad goodies and some herbs has big appeal… below is my tip for instant garden gratification 😉 Continue reading All natural plant dye fabric and other pink things!

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Re-imagining Hokusai, bags inspired by Japanese print

Best 9 2016

It’s been a bit of a slow start to the year for me especially as I had been so busy up until the very end it’s actually quite an anticlimax.  I kind of expected to hit the ground running in 2017 but instead found myself floundering in a sea of ideas and papers.  There are so many more things I want for Grey Whale this year, not just for myself but for helping to create something positive in the world and it’s time to get more intentional about this.  It doesn’t have to be a huge monumental thing but I truly believe every small step in the direction of good counts.  So some exciting things are in the pipeline but more on that in my next post because for now I want to show you a fun little project I just completed!   Continue reading Re-imagining Hokusai, bags inspired by Japanese print

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Self-doubt and playing small: who are you serving?


I tend to build my blog posts around what seems to be going on around me and things I’ve been hearing other people talk about.  Self doubt is something that seems to rear it’s ugly head as the long dark winter days set in and I too often need to be reminded why I try to do anything at all.  We probably all know this quote or poem or have heard parts as it’s often attributed Nelson Mandela but actually it was written by American author Marianne Williamson and here it is in case anyone needs reminding.   Continue reading Self-doubt and playing small: who are you serving?

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Fear, anxiety + the will to push through

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So what does fear have to do with making bags?  Nothing and yet everything.  To me Grey Whale is not just about bags it is about a different way of living, thinking and seeing the world.  It’s about creativity and mindfulness in a bid to do my bit for humanity in some small way at least. Continue reading Fear, anxiety + the will to push through

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Days like these…

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Last Sunday I got to go for a little jaunt in the city by myself and it was so wonderful.  Nothing amazing happened, nothing even very out of the ordinary but this time there was something in the air.  The sun was shining hard for the first time ages and it felt like a weight was lifting.  The chilly city air was thinner and lighter.  I wandered down around the Marolles area near Brussels center where the cool indy shops, African art galleries and the antique (and often junk) market of Place Jeu de Balle are. Continue reading Days like these…