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Catch up, Makers 4 Refugees and exciting things to come

Well my good intentions of posting to my blog every week or two at the latest clearly haven’t been working out.  I see so many people saying they feel bad about not managing to do it all and I’m the same if I’m honest.  I think about how I’m not blogging probably once a day which is ridiculous as I should probably just sit for 10 minutes and share a few thoughts and pictures (I have oh so many).  Today is about a quick little catch up with my online pals so let me pour you a virtual cuppa 😉  Continue reading Catch up, Makers 4 Refugees and exciting things to come

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Going pro and other stories


So recently I haven’t been online as much as usual but sometimes other stuff must take priority despite my insta-addiction.  I have been busy pushing forward with my handmade business.  Shops have been contacting me, I’ve had some very inspiring custom orders and about 6 weeks ago I got a second hand (very vintage) industrial sewing machine. It took ages to find once I had decided it was the way to go but it was a very exciting ‘going-pro’ turning point! Continue reading Going pro and other stories