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New PINATEX handbag collection!

pinatex vegan bag by grey whale

So happy to announce the release of my Pinatex handbags!  There are actually four separate designs here, one is an extra special 2 in 1 tote plus insert that turns into a light crossbody bag.  No more messy switching bags and forgetting your wallet!  These have been (as always) hand crafted with careful attention to every detail and made with earth kind pineapple leather alternative Pinatex. Continue reading New PINATEX handbag collection!

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What is vegan leather and is it eco-friendly?

Pinatex bag by Grey Whale bags, eco friendly vegan leather alternative

So what is vegan leather?  It’s a term spreading fast and as the trend towards vegan food grows so does the desire for vegan fashion.  I feel like we are led to believe that because of associations with the word ‘vegan’ it is somehow natural and kind to the environment.  However what does it really mean- it might not harm any animals but is it really eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable? Continue reading What is vegan leather and is it eco-friendly?