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Ethical wardrobe: Autumn get the look

ethical fashion fall winter 2017 look

I thought I’d start sharing a few ethical fashion outfit ideas with you from time to time, I think part of the problem that people have with ‘ethical fashion’ or choosing more ‘sustainable’ clothing is that the terms conjure up ideas of having to sacrifice on style or good quality.  So first up as the weather turns chilly I’m pulling together an Autumn look I really like using staples you probably already have and if not maybe they will give you some ideas.  Today I have chosen a really simple casual outfit with warm autumnal tones: jeans and over-sized cardi which most of us have, pared with a tote handbag (by guess who?) plus metallic trainers in copper and a beautiful piece of simple jewelry to brighten everything up.  Here’s what I have chosen with links if you want to know more or where to get any of the pieces.  I don’t know about you but I have huge heart eyes for those shoes and that necklace.  Enjoy! Continue reading Ethical wardrobe: Autumn get the look

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All natural plant dye fabric and other pink things!

Well Spring has arrived (mostly) and we’ve just had a relaxing and fun week here.  Brussels is full of the most beautiful pink blossom trees and the weather was unbelievably warm for a few days.  I managed to make a good start on my container garden which I have no experience in but am very excited about nonetheless!  As my own mission to live a more environmentally friendly and chemical-free life continues I constantly find new ideas for how I can do things better.  So the idea of growing a few salad goodies and some herbs has big appeal… below is my tip for instant garden gratification 😉 Continue reading All natural plant dye fabric and other pink things!

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Thoughts on conscious consumerism and sustainability.

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There’s so much talk around now about conscious consumerism, sustainability, buy less and buy well.  I love it and it’s so inspiring but I’ll admit I’m no Lauren Singer.  To be honest I’ve had an on/off relationship with the whole concept for years and have often felt that waste is a thing that just can’t be beat from fashion to food its everywhere.  Though I was brought up in an ideal eco-friendly and sustainable living environment we are now surrounded with cheap disposable everything and it can be hard to know where to begin. Continue reading Thoughts on conscious consumerism and sustainability.